Grota solna

Visit the salt cave, which is part of the Wellness Center.

Salt cave - selected types of salt contain all the necessary elements to create an exceptional microclimate, which has a positive effect on our body, our skin and the respiratory system.


The salt cave works on the basis of the principle of dry inhalation, ie on the basis of breathing air full of dry salt microparticles. The salt cave has thousands of proven effects on our body. The most basic ones include a very positive effect on the upper and lower respiratory tract, the fight against skin diseases such as skin allergies, psoriasis, skin dehydration or insufficient blood circulation. Furthermore, the salt cave supports the heart, successfully fights high blood pressure, diseases of the digestive tract, disorders of the nervous system (neurosis, depression, stress, states of exhaustion), immune disorders or low immune system.

The salt cave is suitable for both adults and children.

The salt cave does not only have to be visited by people with a health problem, it is also suitable for athletes and completely healthy people as a prevention and a means of improving immunity.