Introduction Our wellness hotel has 4 types of saunas.

Saunas are not only a means of relaxation, as many think, but they also provide many health benefitsWHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF SAUNAS?  

Thanks to perspiring, toxins are washed away from the body, and what’s more, heat and oxygenation have a beneficial effect on muscle and joint pain. Sauna bathing promotes heart health, removes fatigue, cures insomnia, contributes to improving chronic inflammation, makes the body resistant to civilization diseases and successfully fights against inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Last but not least, a visit to the sauna improves immunity and slows down ageing. 

FINNISH SAUNA UP TO 100°C The traditional Finnish sauna protects against cardiovascular diseases, promotes relaxation and sleep and successfully combats chronic fatigue. In addition, it reduces stress, improves fitness, muscle regeneration and the barrier properties of the skin against moisture.

 HERBAL SAUNA FROM 37–45°CThe pleasant temperature and the herb-saturated air have a beneficial effect on health, mainly relaxing the upper and lower respiratory tracts and giving the skin elasticity while warming it very pleasantly.

 STEAM SAUNA UP TO 55°C As soon as you enter the steam sauna, you are in an atmosphere with almost 100% humidityand a pleasant temperature of around 54 degrees Celsius. Not only your muscles but also your mind will thank you very much after visiting this sauna. The steam sauna supports the body’s defences and circulates blood to the muscles, which will then be able to fully regenerate.  

KNEIPP WALK Our wellness zone also includes a Kneipp walkway to improve blood circulation in the legs and overall metabolism and blood circulation. As a result, the blood vessels in the legs become more flexible, with it the Achilles heel. This procedure has no health restrictions and can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age. OTHER

WELLNESS ZONE EQUIPMENT   For cooling and cleanliness after therapies, we provide different types of showers, such as a mist shower, lymphatic drainage shower or massage shower