Since time immemorial massages have been used for stimulating general physical health and inducing a positive mindset. They restore energy, relax the mind and emotions and create a state of balance. Select the right aroma for your massage from our essential oils and float away on waves of relaxation and recuperation in the hands of our experienced masseuses and masseurs.

Relaxing full body massage - whole body massage that effectively removes physical and mental fatigue. It also helps to supply blood to muscles and tissues in the body. Price: 1050,- Kč / 60 min.

Sports massage - intensive massage of the back of the body that relieves muscle tension and acidification of the body. It strengthens the immune system and removes toxins and other harmful substances from the organism. Price 1050,-Kč / 60 min

Segmental massage of the back and neck by oil - a thorough massage of the back, shoulders and neck, relaxes stiff and often strained muscles. Price CZK 550,- Kč / 30 min.

Reflexology massage - reflexology Help with detoxification, can have a positive impact on joint and back pain, swelling, insufficient blood flow to the limbs, fatigue removal, sleep improvement. Price CZK 550/30 min.

Massage with lava stones - perfectly and deeply relax stiff muscles, help relieve pain, physical and mental fatigue, detoxify, improve microcirculation, regeneration and general health. Price CZK  1450,- Kč / 90 min.

From 450 CZK/hour